5 Nov 2013 Captain John Hand, Redfish Landing Guide Service www.redfishlandingguideservice.com

3 Dec 2013 Captain Doug Martin, Red Devil Fishing Charters www.reddevilfishingcharters.com

Equipment, tackle, methods, baits and lures for winter fishing.

3 Dec 2013 David Wells, Owner of Apollo Beach Watersports, presented his boating membership plan http://apollobeachwatersports.com/boat-rentals/


7 Jan 2014 Aaron Neic, Charter Member Cast Away Anglers Fishing Club

Boating and Fishing Safety Tips,

4 Feb 2014 John Carman, Charter Member Cast Away Anglers Fishing Club

Tips on Wade Fishing in Tampa Bay

4 Feb 2014 Bill Dumanski, RD Tackle 2 How to fish for Spanish mackerel at the South Skyway fishing pier.

4 Mar 2014 Dr. Michael Caruso, Skin Cancer Center, Sun City Center, FL www.theskincancercenters.com

The Hazards of the Florida Sun and preventive measure you an take.

4 Mar 2014 Mick Cornin, General Manager of the Freedom Boat Club, provided the club with the specific costs and benefits to belonging to the Freedom Boat Club. www.FreedomBoatClub-TB.com

Benefits and membership packages with Freedom Boat Club

1 Apr 2014 John Kelly, Ruskin Cataract and Eye Clinic www.BrandonEye.com

Eyewear for fishing and boating and eye protection from the hazard of the sun

6 May 2014 Captain John Hand presented instructions on a number of knots and a couple of rigs and when and how to use them. Redfish Landing Guide Service www.redfishlandingguideservice.com

3 Jun 2014 Mike Lesko, United Yacht Sales, made a detailed presentation on what should be looked for when buying a new boat versus a used boat and what to expect when selling your boat.  Unitedyacht.com/michaellesko

1 July 2014 Dave Ramirez, coordinator and coach for the Guy Harvey salt water kids fishing camps, gave a presentation on education for children on fishing adequate rules and regulations, fishing knots, casting, and Rods and reels and how the program has grown over the years. Hillsboroughcounty.org/Parks

5 August 2014 Gina Russo, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute for the Stock Enhancement Research Facility, discussed Catch and Release Techniques-Fishing for Conservation. She also provided some catch & release tools to demonstrate proper techniques to release fish and handed out some publications and goodies.

2 September 2014 Capt. Doug Martin, began his presentation by explaining the characteristics and parts of cast nets, the various diameters, the mesh sizes, and what size mesh is best for what baits. Proper care and maintenance of cast nets was also discussed.  www.reddevilfishingcharters.com

4 November 2014 Captain David Rieumont: The highlight of the meeting was the dynamic, fast paced, engaging, useful and informative presentation by Captain David Rieumont, President and Co-Publisher of The OnlneFisherman.com, Captain David discussed the various kinds of information available in The Onlinefisherman.com. His primary focus for the evening was how to use the moving tides and the full and new moons to increase your fishing successes.



3 FEBURARY 2015 Secretary John “Carm” Carman provided an informative presentation on wade fishing. Carm fielded several ques-tions regarding all aspects of wade fishing including safety, equipment, baits, lines, waders, rods and reels and fishing locations. His presentation concluded with a power point presentation showing his successes in the Tampa Bay area.

3 March 2015 Doctor Rolando Rodriguez Cardiostart gave a very useful presentation about heart heath and angling. As an avid angler he easily understood health hazards associate with fishing and the types of issues we all need to be aware of such as heat stroke, taking medication, proper hydration and overall safety. Dr. Rodriquez also spoke about the Cardiostart Fishing Program. This is a program that sponsors a tournament every year in the Tampa Bay area that raises funds to provide heart surgery and heart heath treat-ments to third world countries. He discussed the kinds of services provided through Cardiostart about a pro-gram and identified numerous ways for professionals and non-professionals to support the program.

7 April 2015 Guest Speakers Capt. Danny Guarino spoke on some of his techniques on catching snook with live whitebait. D. R. Guarino Fishing Charters http://fishingguidetampabay.com

John & Peggy Clarkston spoke on the importance of having boaters insurance. Marine Insurance http://agents.allstate.com/john-clarkson-riverview-fl.html

5 May 2015 Guest Speaker Kathy Guindon, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research, from the Sun Coast Youth Conservation Center gave an outstanding presentation on her program and how the Youth Conservation Center is supporting the kids of Florida. She is looking for volunteers to help with the kids.  http://www.fyccn.com/suncoast

Mike Kent - Exalted Ruler of the Ruskin Elks Lodge spoke briefly on the youth programs sponsored by the Elks.  Anyone interested in joining the Elks, please contact John Fascik.

2 June 2015 Guest Speaker Commander Gary Mull USCG Auxiliary presented Boating education, vessel safety exams, safety and security patrols, search and rescue missions and more. https://www.facebook.com/pages/US-Coast-Guard-Auxiliary-Flotilla-75-Apollo-Beach-FL/482531398470902

7 July 2015 Guest Speaker Andy Lykens Tampa Bay Watch presented how they make the bay better by empowering citizens of all ages for environmental stewardship. Through our education efforts, bay area students, residents and visitors are equipped with the knowledge, skill and desire to act as stewards of their environment. Personal experience with nature builds the desire to protect nature, which is why we are helping the bay area community to experience amazing Tampa Bay. http://www.tampabaywatch.org/

8 August 2015 Guest Speaker Chris Dakin A certified Fly Cast-ing Instructor. Chris fishes both fresh and salt water. He will be discussing and demonstrating proper fly casting techniques. Fly rods will be available to members to try their skill at fly casting.

1 September 2015 Guest Speaker John Carman, CAA Member, gave an outstanding and informative Power Point presentation on shallow water fishing in the South Shore area.

6 October 2015 Guest Speaker Tino Prevenzano from Mosaic discussed how Mosaic works to maintain the water quality of the tributaries of Tampa Bay and the bay itself.

3 November 2015 Guest Speakers Officers Stuart Messman and Robert Berg, gave a brief overview of how the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission evolved as a result of a 1998 amendment to the Florida Constitution, which approved the establishment of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The commission resulted from a merger between three former offices, the Marine Fisheries Commission, the Division of Marine Resources and Division of Law Enforcement of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The officers fielded questions from the audience. The issue of who needs what licenses and tags was clearly answered—if you are 65 years old you do not need a Florida fishing or hunting license nor any other Florida permits. You do need a Federal Duck stamp to hunt ducks.

1 December 2015 Captain Capt. Sergio Atanes along with his tips on other great places to fish, added a lot of history to his presentation along with lots of interesting stories countless numbers of snook, goliath grouper and red fish all over the bay. His presentation included some great aerial shots of different parts of the bay during the winter months when the water is crystal clear and the tides are low. Captain Sergio echoed the message “The winter months are when you should be out on the water looking for likely spots to fish.” It is during those months when you can see oyster beds, channel cuts, holes, old foundations, pilings, and in one case, a crane shovel, all of which attract the fish we are seeking. There were two points Captain Sergio made that we all should adhere to: 1. Get a chart of Tampa Bay so you know where someone is talking about when they name lesser known locations. Your GPS, even with the local reference chip, can only show you a limited amount of artificial information and 2. Get out of your comfort zone and quit going to those same old three places. Capt. Sergio left about $100 worth of lures and jigs with us that will be awarded as door prizes at future meetings.


2 February Guest Speaker Tom Ash, currently Assistant Director of the Water Management Division and the manager of the Environmental Resources Monitoring Department discussed water quality monitoring, sediment and biological monitoring, environ-mental restoration, seagrass monitoring, and the agency’s Pollution Recovery Fund and Artificial Reef Program. Tom talked primarily talk about the Artificial Reef Program. He was accompanied by two of his colleagues who manage that program. They presented underwater videos of the reefs and, of course, all of the fish that frequent them.

5 April Guest Speaker Captain David Rieumont presentation was everything you ever wanted to know about fishing hooks. The information is also available on his website:  Guy Harvey Online Fisherman.

3 May Guest Speaker Malcom Edwards, senior manager of trade development from Port Manatee.  Malcom presented what Port Manatee Florida imports and exports out of the facility. The Port has a fishing program called Zone Watch, which allows anglers to fish in and around the Port area.  A two-hour class and a background check are necessary to participate in this program.

7 Jun Guest Speaker Kelly Kowall president and founder of My Warrior's Place in Ruskin provided a presentation on how the facility is a retreat center for Veterans, Military Service Members, First Responders, and Blue-Silver-Gold Star Families. The Facility consists of 4 mobile homes, 2 houses, 3 RV’s, and a little laundromat. It also provides recreational equipment.

Guest Speakers