Calendar of Events

Club meets the First Tuesday of every month:


January 7 Club Meeting (guest speaker Aaron Neic, spoke on the hazards and dangers associ-ated with boating and fishing and the important safety tips and practices necessary to help avoid serious injury.

February 4 Club Meeting (guest speaker Secretary John Carman discussed Wade Fishing

February 17 Sheepheads tournament

March 4 Club Meeting (Guest Speakers Mr. Michael Caruso, Dematology & Mick Cornin general manager of Freedom Boat Club)

March 17 Mackerel Tournament Sky Way Bridge (Canceled due to weather)

March 19 Club Dinner Cypress Creek Golf Club 6:00pm (19 people attended)

April 1 Club Meeting (Guest speaker Mr. John Kelly, a licensed optometrist with the Ruskin Cataract and Eye Clinic)

April 15 Mackerel Tournament (canceled due to weather)

May 1 - 10:30 am tour and fishing at Port Manatee Fishing Hatchery

May 6 Club Meeting & Spaghetti Dinner for members only (Guest speaker Captain John Hand)

May 20 Fishing Charter Tarpon Springs with Two Georges (11 members and one guest attended)

June 3 Club Meeting (guest speaker was Mike Lesko of United Yacht sale)

June 12 Freedom Boat Club Tournament and Cookout (canceled due to weather)

June 18 Club Dinner Sand Pipers Golf Club 6:00 pm (24 people attended)

July 1 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Dave Rameriez, Guy Harvey Camps for kids)

August 5 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Gina Russo)

September 2 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Capt. Doug Martin, demonstrated the proper ways to throw a cast net)

September 16 Quarterly Club Dinner at Sand Pipers Restaurant 6pm

September 30 Freedom Boat Club Tournament (longest snapper) 9am to 2pm and Cookout Little Harbor Marina 4 to 6pm

October 7 Club Meeting (No Guest Speaker)

November 4 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Captain David Rieumont, President and Co-Publisher of The

December 2 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Hillsborough County Fire and Rescue


January 6 Club Meeting (No Guest Speaker) The membership present at the January meeting unanimously selected the Ruskin Elks Lodge for all future meetings of the club.

February 3 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker John Carman on Wade Fishing)

March 3 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Dr. Rolando Rodriguez)

March 25 Quarterly Club Dinner at Cypress Creek Golf Club Restaurant

April 7 Club Meeting

April 19 Fishing Trip with Queens Fleet out of Clear Water

May 5 Club Meeting (Guest Speakers Kathy Guindon, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research)

June 2 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Commander Gary Mull USCG Auxiliary)

July 7 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Andy Lykens Tampa Bay Watch)

August 4 Club Meeting (No Guest Speaker)

September 1 Club Meeting (Guest Speraker John Carman)

September 24 Quarterly Club Dinner 5:30 pm at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

October 6 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Tino Prevenzano an Environ-mental Manager with the Mosaic Cooperation in Lithia, FL.

November 3 Club Meeting (Guest Speakers Officers Stuart Messman and Robert Berg Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission)

December 1 Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Capt. Sergio Atanes)

May 14 Fish Fry at the ELKS in Ruskin, member meet at 5pm.y

 May 18 Fishing Charter for training members with with Freedom Boat Club member Captains

June 18 Quarterly Dinner at the ELKS Club in Ruskin, meet at 5pm

Jun 22 Fishing Charter for training members with Freedom Boat Club member Captains

July 13 Fishing Charter for training members with Freedom Boat Club member Captains



January 5 Club meeting (No Guest Speaker)

January 21 Fish Fry at the Elks Lodge

February 2 Club meeting (Guest speaker Tom Ash, from the Environmental Protection Commission)

March 1 Club meeting (No Guest Speaker)

March 9 Pass A Grill Head Boat Charter

March 22 Charter with Captain Sergio out of Hula Bay

March 24 Quarterly dinner will be held at the Sandpiper golf facility in Sun City Center. 

April 5th Club Meeting (Guest Speaker Captain Dave Rieumont  )

May 3 Club meeting (Guest Speaker Malcom Edwards, senior manager of trade development from Port Manatee. 

June 7 Club meeting (Guest Speaker Kelly Kowall president and founder of My Warrior's Place in Ruskin - 813-321-0880)

July 5 meeting guest speaker Rafa Russo, Freedom Boat Club, and phone 813-357-9546 dock or 727-255-2233 cell) Rafa presented the benefits/costs of being a Freedom Boat Club member to include boat operator training as well as safety requirements and different types of memberships they provide.