Teasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain the funds of the CLUB and shall make a summary report of the CLUB’s financial standings at every regular meeting. The Treasurer shall prepare and file all required forms and reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) annually. The treasurer will establish a checking account for the CLUB. Any check issued must have the signature of the Treasurer and either the President or Vice-President.

Regular meetings will be held on a monthly basis on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 P.M.

A sign-in sheet will be used to determine the number of currently paid members present at any meeting. A quorum will consist of not less than ten (10) currently paid members, excluding Board Members, present for any meeting to be considered an official meeting of the CLUB.

Meeting agenda will include:

* Opening remarks by the President

*Approval of Minutes

*Treasurers Report

*Reports of Committees

*Old Business

*New Business

*Special Program Presentations (if any)

*Open Forum


Board of Director’s Meetings:

The President may, from time to time, call for meetings of the Board of Directors. Board of Directors meetings will be for discussion purposes only and no decisions regarding the business of the CLUB will be made. However, recommendations developed by the Board will be presented to the membership for discussion and disposition. The Secretary will present a synopsis of the items discussed at all Board of Directors meetings at the next regular meeting.


The dues rate will be established annually in December of each year. Dues for calendar 2014 will be twenty-five (25) dollars. Dues will not be refundable after January 1st of each year. Dues received between the October meeting and December 31 of any year shall be credited towards the following year. Dues accessed after June 30th to September 30th will be one half the annual dues rate for the remaining part of the calendar year.


The CLUB shall establish a Tax Identification Number with IRS in order to start a bank account.

A budget of all known or anticipated expenditures will be prepared by the Treasurer and approved by the membership in January of each year. Amendments to the Budget may be made at any regular meeting and requires the approval of a quorum.

The treasury shall be funded through dues, donations, welfare activities and sponsors.

Funds in the Treasury will consist of:

obligated Funds — items of known expenditures for the year, i.e. PO Box fees, anticipated administrative costs, and other items voted on by the membership.

Un-obligated Funds – funds that have not been designated for any known expenditure.

Special Program Funds — accounts establish for the collection of funds for special programs or activities, i.e. payment for charter trips, payments for shirt orders and other like activities.

If the balance in the treasury reaches or exceeds $5,000.00, exclusive of Special Program Funds, the members of the CLUB shall vote on an equitable method to reduce the balance to an amount of not more than 50% of the beginning balance.

Budgeted items may be paid for without further approval of the membership. Non-budgeted expenditures greater than $100.00 must be approved by the membership. The President, or the Vice-President in the President’s absence, may authorize an expenditure of not more than $50.00 for any non-budgeted item without the approval of the membership, but with the concurrence of at least two other Board Members. Such expenditures must be reported at the next meeting of the CLUB.

The Treasurer will maintain a petty cash “drawer” of not more than $25.00.


The primary method of communication will be by e-mail. A master roster of all members will be provided to each member. An e-mail address site will be established where members can provide input regarding issues of interest, concern or other information considered useful to the membership. The CLUB may establish a web site.

Motions and Resolutions:

Any member may introduce a motion or resolution at any meeting in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. Any motion or resolution that is not Seconded will not be acted upon. Any motion that is seconded must include discussion by the individual who initiated the action to include the rationale and impacts of the motion.

Changes and Amendments:

These By-Laws can be changed or amended. All members will be notified by email of any proposed change to the By-Laws. The proposed change will be stated in the notice. At the next regular meeting of the CLUB, the change to the By-Laws will be read by the President, followed by discussions and any changes to the original amendment. A two thirds 2/3 affirmative vote is necessary of the members present at the meeting for passage of the change to the By-laws.

Director-at-Large: When deemed necessary or appropriate, Directors-at-Large shall serve as liaisons with other local fishing clubs, shall be ambassadors of the CLUB with regional charter captains, bait and tackle shops and major sporting goods retail centers and shall perform other duties as assigned.


The CLUB will consist of an unlimited number of anglers. Membership qualifications will not be discriminant. All memberships shall be on an individual basis. Memberships will be renewable on annual basis. Each member shall have one vote on all actions presented to the CLUB. Voting must be in person and no proxy votes will be allowed.

The majority of the members of the CLUB will determine the goals and objectives of the CLUB.

From time to time committees will be appointed to achieve various activities and goals of the CLUB as they emerge. Each Committee must have at least three members.


An Annual Meeting will be held in January of each year for the purposes of installing newly elected officers, as applicable, establishing the Annual Budget and determining the current year’s goals and objectives.


Go fishing and promote all aspects of the sport of fishing.


The purpose of the Cast Away Anglers Club (the CLUB) is to provide a forum where anglers can meet, go fishing, share information, establish relationships, and engage in friendly fishing competition. The CLUB will provide the opportunity for those who have access to boats and those who don’t to go fishing and to share expenses on trips. The CLUB will support fresh water and salt water and hook and line fishing.

The Cast Away Anglers Club is a non-profit organization and does not engage in any form of commerce.


The CLUB consists of a Board of Directors including a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) Directors-at-Large. The term of office for any Board Member is two (2) years. However, during 2014 one of the Director-at Large position will initially be for one (1) year and then for two years thereafter. There will be no limit as to the number of terms any Board member shall serve. Beginning in 2013, nominations for each Board position will be presented in November and Elections will be held in December every other year. In the event that any Board Member cannot complete their term of office, the President, with concurrence of the remaining Board of Directors will appoint a replacement to serve for the balance of the former Board Member’s term.

 President: The President shall preside at all board meetings, be responsible for preparing meeting agendas, shall exercise parliamentary control and procedures generally in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order and shall lead membership in the achievement of the CLUB’s goal and objectives.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence including any Regular, Special or Board of Directors meeting or otherwise not available to conduct the business of the CLUB.

Secretary: The Secretary will keep minutes of all meetings, will be the custodian of all records, and will provide all notices of meetings.

By-Laws of The Cast Away Anglers Club