Officers – BOD & Committees



          Robert A. Preston   


             Terry Ricket                         


        Fred W. Fiedler Sr. 


               Pam Tebbetts         

Board of Directors: 

Ray Stanley (WEBmaster)

Tom Deptula     

Al Levin     


Nomination Committee members:

Bob Earnshaw

Jim Vallely   

Al Levin       

This committee will be nominating individuals for the following positions for 2016:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two of the Board Directors

(unless other-wise noted all positions are for a two year term)

Individuals interested in any of these positions should contact any of the committee members.

Program Committee members: 

Terry Ricket       

 Greg Franczyk  

 David Atteberry

 George Bodmer

 Bill Gross          

This Committee is looking for other members to help develop ideas for what we want this club to be and do. The committee also sets up dinners, fishing tournaments, fishing charters, and other activities to get the club members involved in club functions.  

If interested in working with the Program Committee, please contact Terry Ricket.

Education Committee members :  

Bob Guzinsky

Aaron Niec  

This committee will be developing the kinds of classes and lectures that will help us become better anglers. The committee will contact various Charter Captains and other individuals with special skills to make presentations to our club.

All speakers will be provided a list of specific information we want presented.