Fishing Tips

“Choose the Right Hook”

“Types of Lures & How to Choose”

“How to catch Redfish”

How to Catch

What to Use

“How to catch Grouper”

“How to catch Red Fish”

“Artificial or Live Bait”

“How to catch Cobia”

“How to catch Flounder”

“How to catch Pompano”

“How to catch Speckled Trout”

 “How to catch Sheepshead”

“How to catch Summer Snook”

“How to Clean Sheepshead”

“Beach Fishing”

“Best Time to Fish Low or High Tide”

“Right Hook for the Right Fish”

“Braid Stretch vs Lost Fish”

“Casting Corks”

“Choose the Right Swivel”

“Fishing Equipment and Tactics”

“Finding Fish on Grass Flats”

“Bait Castnets 101”

“Fishing Gandy to Picnic Island”

“Fishing Weights which to Use”

“Live Bait Gulf of Mexico”

“Fishing with Bobbers”

“Three Basic Bottom Rigs”

“Using Floats for Bottom Fishing”

“Fishing Tides on Grass Flats”

“How to Retrieve a Hung Up Lure”



“Catching Ladyfish 101”

“Catching Permit 101”

“Catching Spanish Mackerel 101”

“Catching Tripletail 101”

“Catching Mangrove Snapper 101”

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