Contest & Tournaments

Results from Contest and Tournaments will be listed here

11 Dec 2013 Allan Blackwell won the tournament for longest Mackerel

17 Feb 2014 Matt Morrison won the tournament with a 171/4″ sheephead

20 May 2014 A offshore trip on the Two Georges was held and a few keeper red grouper, 1 hog fish, and a nice bunch of Key West Snapper (grunts) were caught there wasn’t enough members to set up a tournament pot, but it was a fun trip.

24 Aug 2014 Fishing Trip out of Cortez, FL and Record Breaking Day for the Eddy Lee!  We had the boat to ourselves and left the dock fifteen minutes early on a calm day that offered a slight 5 knot breeze. The big fish of the day was a 12 pound 6 ounce red grouper caught by Terry Ricket who won the tournament and a pot of $115.

30 Sep 2014 Cast Away Anglers’ Snapper Tournament Sponsored by the Freedom Boat Club. The big fish of the day was a 14 – 3/4 ” Mangrove snapper caught by George Bodmer and a tournament pot over $100.

9 Nov 2014 Fishing Trip out of Cortez, FL on the Eddy Lee. Red grouper, grey snapper, porgies, remora and sand perch (squirrel fish) were the catches of the day. Every bucket onboard had a fine mess of fish in it. Member Tom Deptula, with a 1.6 pound porgy, and guest Don Neilson, with a 1.6 pound grey snapper, shared the $95 dollar Tournament pot.

7 Dec 2014 Grand Slam Most Species Tournament sunrise to sunset, from any boat, pier, state park, shore or wading areas. A photo of each species caught was provide. The member with the most species who won the tournament with 9 species was John Carman. Sally Bodmer came in 2nd with 6 species.

24 Mar 2015 Skyway Fishing Tournament was held with 18 member showing up. Tom Deptula won the tournament with a 18″ Spanish Mackerel and the pot worth $85.

19 Apr 2015 Queen’s Fleet Fishing Tournament. The Cast Away Anglers fishing Club had 29 members and guests participate along with 24 members from the O’Brien’s Fishing Club. Only three keeper grouper were caught. John Carman, a member of both clubs won the Cast Away Anglers pool of $145 and the O’Brien’s pool of an undetermined amount with a 6.2 pound red grouper.


17 November 2015 Gulf Star Tournament out of Tarpon Springs. Gary Doss took the pool with the largest gag grouper of the day. Two other gags were caught also. The terms used to describe the quantity of grunts caught was, “We slammed ‘em!” Thanks to Fred Fiedler for taking over the trip from Terry Ricket.

9 March 2016 Miss Pass a Grill Tournament. Dave Harris had a pool winning hog fish from the March 9th fishing trip. It was a rough day to say the least but several species came over the rails including red and gag grouper, flounder, Key West snapper, porgies and black sea bass.