Health and Safety

Important health and safety tips accumulated from:

 fishing trips, guest speakers, magazine articles etc.

Knives and boats – a dangerous combination

A moving or rocking boat, a tired fisherman, a sharp knife

= recipe for an accident

During our offshore trip on October 10th some careless and dangerous situations regarding knives were noticed by several of the members in our group.

One of our anglers was noticed to have a knife with about an 8 inch blade in his right hand while he looked and turned and leaned to his left, causing the knife to swing towards another angler.

Fortunately the potential victim was observant enough to see the hazard that was forming and stepped out of the way.

We would have been hard pressed at 30 to 40 miles from shore to have to deal with a severe cut.

The main reason, and perhaps the only reason, you should have a knife on any boat is to cut bait and bait should only be cut at the bait station.

Some may say they need a knife to cut their line, however, the handiest device to cut a line is a nail clipper, plus they are easily stored in a pocket and available just about everywhere.

Presumably the primary reason to carry a knife is to filet your catch. With a few rare exceptions as specified in the FWC Fishing Regulations, it is illegal to filet any fish, particularly those that we are likely to catch in Tampa Bay, before you get back to the dock whether you are on your own boat or a charter boat.

Should you filet your fish before you return to the dock, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Officer may have something to say about it, or even worse issue a summons for doing so.