Smart Phone & iPad Apps

Trimble GPS Fish Free: (Free App, but can be upgraded for more info at a cost) – This app has an active trip feature that lets you mark a waypoint where the boat is at or where you are fishing at. It also provides a compass and additional features.

Fishhound: is another free app that lets you search for the best water by zip code and tells you what fish are biting,  where the fish are biting, what type bait to use, and what time of day is best to fish. It has a species, fly and my catches data base to help the fisherman.

Storm Team 8 Weather MAX app Free:  This app gives you the weather and 7 day forecast, but more important, it has a run button that lets you see where a storm is moving.  This is important when you are out in a boat on the bay and need to determine if you are in the path of a bad storm.  You can make a better decision to call it quits or move to a location the storm isn’t headed to. 

Remember: if you hear thunder you are at risk of a lightening strike so be careful.